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Professional Consulting

Solutions focus consulting


Solutions Focus Consulting is a globally oriented firm headquartered in South Florida.

The company is led by two Managing Partners and supported by a team of skilled Associates.


DEI/Implicit Bias

We offer comprehensive D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and Implicit Bias training designed to empower individuals and organizations to create more inclusive and just environments.


We believe in the power of research, evaluation, and data analysis to drive positive change. We approach these processes through an equitable and anti-racist lens, ensuring that our methods are inclusive and culturally sensitive.

Organizations Management

This service is designed to empower your team and optimize your operations. Our goal is to help you build a strong, motivated, and high-performing team, leading to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational success.

Behavioral and Psychological Health

We provide and promote emotional and relational well-being training, mental and emotional wellness workshops/services addressing trauma (sexual, physical, racism, historical) concierge mental and emotional wellness services to industry leaders and C-suite professionals

Community Engagement

We offer comprehensive community engagement services designed to empower communities to address their own challenges and build a brighter future.

Our Work


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